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SimplexDNA at the Swiss Green Economy Symposium 2021

On September 2, SimplexDNA attended the 9th Swiss Green Economy Symposium in Winterthur entitled ‘sustainability needs brilliant minds’. The venue was a fabulous meeting where industry, politicians, and NGOs come together and discuss challenges but also opportunities for much-needed change. We were inspired by listening to the various changemaker impulse talks by companies and public authorities, explaining why and how they implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals in their work environment. One of the major challenges remains the question of how do we measure the progress on SDGs and how to share data and reach the highest impact.

Clearly, there is much work to be done to reach the targets formulated in the SDGs by 2030. It will not only need one single brilliant mind but many of them discussing, debating, and working together to lead the way forward. We from SimplexDNA hope to be a part of this journey leading to a sustainable future where economy, ecology, and societal aspects are not treated as contradictory terms but are equally valued aspects contributing to our sustainable aims.

Elvira Mächler

Co-founder of SimplexDNA


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