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World Environmental Day

Standing near Lake Tahoe, early on a cold spring morning, waiting for the school bus, an image so imprinted in my mind was composed. It was the way the steam rolled off the surface of the still lake, the iridescent shimming of the first sun light, and the splash of colors that filled the sky. I took a breath and it set my complete emotional state for the day, I was 10. I remember nothing of the rest of the day or its events, just that image and the overwhelming feeling of connection to the place. I even painted it (don’t laugh as I was only 10, see here for a real photo of what I mean), but I still think about that morning from time to time. It taught me the gift of being present and connection to place.

From that point in time to this, I have work tirelessly to create a reality that harnesses the power of being connected in such an intimate way with our environment-to save life on earth. Our connection with the natural world and all that nature provides to people cannot be lost, and on today’s World Environmental Day, I hope that you too can all find solace in a space or memory of a place such as I have.

Moving forward, we need to foster the innovations of the future to reclaim the present and keep earth in a safe operational space. We need to do this not only for humanity, but all life. To this end, I hope you will join us on our journey and build the biodiversity monitoring solutions of the future and compose the iridescent, bold and vibrant space we can all connect with…because quitting is not an option.

Kristy Deiner

Co-founder of SimplexDNA

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