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Fish & Amphibian eDNA Service 

Starting from a filtered water sample, we carry out eDNA metabarcoding and bioinformatic analysis to generate taxonomic reports according to your expectations. We offer a rapid and tailored service from quoting over sampling to final data delivery.


  • Sample preparation and library PCR

  • Sequencing of the 12S/16S gene

  • Analysis of defined taxonomic groups

  • Discover presence or absence of species

  • Qualitative and quantitative information

Custom eDNA Service

As a small expert lab, we are perfectly positioned to accommodate your custom DNA meta-barcoding project. Our offer can be tailored from general community assessment of animals, fungi, plants and microorganisms to single species detection. We can work with water, soil and other sample formats and will work with you to develop suitable methods.

Available Services

  • Sampling design and planning

  • Sampling kits and sampling training

  • DNA extraction

  • Amplicon library preparation

  • Sequencing of 16S, 12S, CO1 and ITS genes

  • Custom bioinformatic analyses

  • qPCR Single Species Detection

  • Pathogen Detection

  • Research and Development

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