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Environmental DNA (eDNA) analysis is a technique used to identify and study the DNA of organisms present in a particular environment without directly observing them. The process begins with the collection of samples using a sampling kit, consisting of plastic syringes and filters in the case of water. Once the sample is collected, DNA extraction is performed to isolate and purify the DNA from the environmental matrix. Next, high-throughput sequencing reads out the DNA information. The resulting data is then analyzed using bioinformatics software to identify the species present in the sample. Finally, a report is generated to summarize the findings and provide information on the biodiversity of the sampled environment.


In principle, samples may be taken from water, soil, or even air. DNA is everywhere and new methods to detect it are being developed. Water, particularly freshwater, is the most established starting point for eDNA analysis. Currently, we are offering the following services:



Quagga mussels (Dreissena rostriformis /bugensis) are invasive species in many eco-systems known for their devastating impact on aquatic habitats. They rapidly reproduce, causing declines in biodiversity and disrupting food chains. These mussels also have razor-sharp shells that can cut the feet of swimmers, and they clog water intake structures, including water treatment plants. We offer an early detection and monitoring solution for these species in lakes and rivers. The eDNA method can detect small traces of genetic material left by the mussels in the water.


Our service includes the following features:

  • Sample collection kit for water

  • Sampling plan and execution

  • DNA extraction and qPCR assay

  • Final report and recommendation for mo-nitoring


At SimplexDNA®, we are committed to providing accurate, reliable and affordable eDNA services to help you uncover the biodiversity of aquatic environments. Our state-of-the-art technology and expertise enable us to provide you with comprehensive insights into the environmental conditions and species diversity of freshwater habitats.

Starting from a filtered water sample, we carry out eDNA metabarcoding and bio-informatic analysis to generate taxonomic reports according to your requirements. We offer a flexible service from quoting over sampling to final data delivery.


  • Sample preparation and library PCR

  • Sequencing of the 12S/16S gene

  • Analysis of defined taxonomic groups

  • Qualitative and quantitative information

Fish Swimming
Hands in the Soil

Soil eDNA Service

You might call our Soil eDNA Service a groundbreaking solution - one that accurately detects and reports on biodiversity both above and below ground, providing rich data on fungal and bacterial communities, as well as insects and worms. This data can complement and enhance Carbon Credits, offer vital insights into the health of an ecosystem or inform agricultural decisions. As an early access service, we are seeking pilot partners to make the best use of eDNA technology in the context of soil.


  • Early access service, very customizable

  • Biodiversity snapshot in and above ground

  • Interesting for carbon projects, agricultural consulting, farmers and land managers

Tree of Life eDNA Service 

Introducing SimplexDNA's Tree of Life eDNA Service - the most comprehensive snapshot of an ecosystem yet. Our innovative service detects biodiversity across the evolutionary tree, from insects and fungi to bacteria, archaea, plants, birds, and mammals.

By sampling the environmental DNA present in soil, water, or air samples, we can identify thousands of species present in any eco-system. With our Tree of Life eDNA Service, you'll receive a detailed report of the eco-system's biodiversity, allowing you to gain insight and manage the habitat.


  • Early access service

  • Snapshot of an ecosystem over all taxa

  • Define taxonomic groups for more detail


Custom eDNA Service

As a small expert lab, we are perfectly positioned to accommodate your custom DNA meta-barcoding project. Our offer can be tailored from general community assess-ment of animals, fungi, plants and micro-organisms to single species detection. We can work with water, soil and other sample formats and will work with you to develop suitable methods.

Available Services

  • Sampling design and planning

  • Sampling kits and sampling training

  • DNA extraction

  • Amplicon library preparation

  • Sequencing of 16S, 12S, CO1 and ITS genes

  • Custom bioinformatic analyses

  • qPCR Single Species Detection

  • Pathogen Detection

  • Research and Development

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