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Using Environmental DNA (eDNA) analysis we can identify organisms that are present at a given place and time without direct observation. Samples are collected with a simple kit, shipped and stored at ambient temperature. In our lab, DNA is extracted, sequenced, and analyzed. Just like on a crime scene. The resulting data makes biodiversity visible. From microbes to mammals.


A Biodiversity Baseline

To stop the ongoing loss of our natural world, we need accurate and continuous measurement of life at a global scale. When it comes to biodiversity, large parts of our planet are lacking data. Using eDNA technology and the right incentives, an open biodiversity data-base is within reach. SimplexDNA pioneers the effort to include local communities, large corporates and governments to generate a biodiversity baseline layer. To achieve this vision, we received a grant from the Climate Collective. Find out about our work on solving this global challenge with the power of community: 

Pack of Fish


We offer a well-established service for freshwater habitat monitoring. Starting from a filtered water sample, we carry out eDNA barcoding and bioinformatic analysis to generate a taxonomic report. We offer a rapid and tailored service from sampling to final data delivery. Please get in touch for a project consultation.


DNA-based detection for invasive mussels: Quagga mussels (Dreissena rostriformis /bugensis) are invasive species in many eco-systems known for their devastating impact on aquatic habitats. They rapidly reproduce, causing declines in biodiversity and disrupting food chains. These mussels also have razor-sharp shells that can cut the feet of swimmers, and they clog water intake structures, including water treatment plants. We offer an early detection and monitoring solution for these species in lakes and rivers. The eDNA method can detect small traces of genetic material left by the mussels in the water.


Tree of Life eDNA Service

A comprehensive snapshot of an ecosystem's biodiversity. Our most innovative service detects biodiversity across the evolutionary tree, from insects and fungi to bacteria, archaea, plants, birds, and mammals. We can identify thousands of species present in any ecosystem, allowing you to gain insight and manage or restore habitats. Please get in touch for a project consultation.

Swiss-based quality


We are proud to operate as a spin-off from ETH Zürich and in our own labs located in Winterthur. Numerous clients, including governmental agencies in Switzerland, already rely on our services for invasive species monitoring and assessment of restoration and revitalization efforts in freshwater contexts.

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