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Documenting our Journey

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Over the past months, careful research, countless stakeholder conversations and a hugely successful workshop on biodiversity tokenisation have led to an exciting result:

We are happy to announce the publication of our white paper, outlining our “Proof-of-Life Protocol” for biodiversity tokenisation. It is clear that in order to make biodiversity an investable and reliable asset, we need accurate and continuous measurement at a global scale. Combining web3 and eDNA technology, we propose a solution that allows the decoupling of payments for data generation and payments for data use, thereby creating the foundation for a new financial ecosystem based on nature.

What is very important for us: This is an open project welcoming collaborators from all sides. We aim to build an impactful tool that enables the global community to bend the curve on biodiversity loss. Please share your thoughts and engage with us through the form on our white paper landing page. Creating a nature-positive economic system needs coordinated effort - and nowadays we have the coordination tools we need!

  • Writer's pictureSimplexDNA team

Whereas ReFi summer has to some extent been thwarted by the rather gloomy atmosphere in the crypto space since the stablecoin crash, this does not mean that progress has stagnated. In fact, a great amount of new initiatives have been launched and have been working all summer. One that stands out is the MRV Collective.

The MRV Collective is a group of organisations and companies who are convinced that digital MRV (Measurement, Reporting and Verification) is essential to drive investments in the direction of nature-based solutions. This brings together a lot of organisations from the web3 / ReFi space and beyond. The idea is that in order to assign financial value to nature services, we first need to be able to measure them, which is why the collective works with various stakeholders in the field. In addition to the MRV Collective being a platform for all these actors, they are actually working towards an open protocol, thus showcasing and harnessing the power of collaboration.


SimplexDNA is proud to be part of this endeavour. We are a member of the dMRV roundtable and MRV museum since late June and have been a member of the MRV founders’ circle (part of ReFi DAOs founder circles). It is an amazing opportunity to learn from experienced entrepreneurs and to establish the role eDNA and SimplexDNA can play in that space. The MRV collective, as well as SimplexDNA, are a member of the TNFD’s Data Catalyst - a place where news and progress updates about digital MRV solutions converge.

  • Writer's pictureSimplexDNA team

Just at the beginning of September, SimplexDNA hosted the “Proof of Life” protocol workshop on biodiversity tokenization at the ETH Zürich. Above the roofs of the city and with the lake (full of eDNA!) in the background, we debated topics ranging from cryptoeconomics to the changing regulatory landscape for financial institutions. Both, virtually and personally in Zürich, we were joined by a wide range of experts from academia, the private sector and the web3 space with expertise in crypto, finance, law, entrepreneurship, biodiversity, ESG, to name just a few.

Photo: SimplexDNA

Among many distinguished guests who followed our invitation, we were lucky to receive valuable inputs from

Claudio Tessone, Professor for Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies @ UZH

Rene Reinsberg, Co-Founder and President of the Celo Foundation

Gregory Landua, Co-Founder and CEO of Regen Network

Navigating the road ahead considering zero-knowledge location proof, the Nagoya protocol, indigenous land stewardship, natural capital, and ESG metrics are going to be an exciting challenge for our ongoing work. Without sharing too much yet, we have worked out a crypto-economic model and are embedding our vision to build the world's first open biodiversity monitoring platform!

Photo: SimplexDNA

Needless to say, despite the focused discussions there was also time for convivial moments which we cherished by all. Thanks a million to Celo and the Climate Collective for funding this work. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone who joined us for this event and continues to be part of this journey. In a few weeks we are excited to publish the results of our research and the discussions during this workshop. Stay tuned...

Call to Action: In no uncertain terms do we have time to waste. The SimplexDNA team and all who want to join us, are invited to build a nature positive future. If you care about life on Earth, give us a follow and learn how to be part of the solution.

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