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Our Team

Kristy Deiner Hoch_edited.jpg
Prof. Kristy Deiner

Vision & Direction
Mächler-Elvira-5759 2_edited_edited.jpg
Dr. Elvira Mächler

von Minckwitz

Business & Team Builder
Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 09.13.31.png
Jonathan Ledgard

Board of Directors &
Global Vision
Miguel Fernandez headshoot Oct 2022_edited.jpg
Miguel Fernandez

Geospatial Guru

Research Scientist at iDiv

Affiliate Faculty at GMU
Fidel Chiriboga

Project Manager
Fidel Chiriboga

Project Manager
Fidel LinkedIn_edited_edited.jpg
Research Profile Pic 2_edited_edited.jpg
Christopher Hempel

Bioinformatics Specialist

Our Advisors

Romedi Ganzoni

Senior Legal Associate
FinTech Regulatory Expert
Maex Berlin_edited.jpg
Maex Ament

Founder and Investor
in web3 and ReFi
Luis Wyss

Data Scientist
Nirvaan Ranganathan

Tech Lead at the
Climate Collective
FH SELECTS-80_edited.jpg
Philip Stehlik

Co-Founder of Centrifuge and Crane Earth

Our guidelines:

Challenge your Mindset

Be ready to change your mental models

Play a positive sum Game

Ask more & judge less

Aim to improve people and results

Lead with Empathy

Feel safe enough to speak freely

Cultivate Trust

Foster Growth

Empower each other to succeed

Our story

The time was right to make an impact.

SimplexDNA® was founded in July 2021 as a spin-off

from ETH Zürich. We are based in Winterthur, Switzerland,

in the heart of Europe.


Thanks to an innovative spirit and years of experience in molecular methods and conservation research, we are making a

difference for our clients, partners, and the planet.

In our own laboratory facilities, we carry out small

and large-scale projects to the

highest quality standards.

Our network

Screenshot 2023-04-26 at 12.40.39.png


Ecosystems are a natural asset,

but we lack data about their health.

Your investment can actively shape the future of

the world's biodiversity and contribute to the sustainable development of the planet through large-scale, digitally verifiable DNA-based monitoring. We are actively looking for funding.

Join us!

If you're up for a challenge and believe that your contribution can make an impact, get in touch with us. Experience in (molecular) biology, bioinformatics, software

development, computer science or

business administration is

particularly helpful.

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