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Earth's ecosystems are under pressure

Acknowledging the stressed and ruined state of many Earth ecosystems, there is a growing recognition of the urgent need for large-scale intervention.

We need biodiversity data to act now

Unfortunately, the financing required for planetary-scale biodiversity monitoring is currently lacking, posing a significant obstacle to the success of effective solutions.

This is a massive coordination problem

In response to this challenge, we propose a groundbreaking solution – a collaborative global biodiversity monitoring system that rewards all stakeholders.

Time to leverage web3 technology

We assign value to the data using digital tokens - we call them Franklins. Each one of them will be linked to a sample and together they generate a growing database.

Our whitepaper outlines this biodiversity data economy
Do you believe in the idea of the Franklin?
What role would you play?
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Our commercial partners, committed eDNA samplers and supporters are distributed and active around the globe
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