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Our White Paper dropped!

Over the past months, careful research, countless stakeholder conversations and a hugely successful workshop on biodiversity tokenisation have led to an exciting result:

We are happy to announce the publication of our white paper, outlining our “Proof-of-Life Protocol” for biodiversity tokenisation. It is clear that in order to make biodiversity an investable and reliable asset, we need accurate and continuous measurement at a global scale. Combining web3 and eDNA technology, we propose a solution that allows the decoupling of payments for data generation and payments for data use, thereby creating the foundation for a new financial ecosystem based on nature.

What is very important for us: This is an open project welcoming collaborators from all sides. We aim to build an impactful tool that enables the global community to bend the curve on biodiversity loss. Please share your thoughts and engage with us through the form on our white paper landing page. Creating a nature-positive economic system needs coordinated effort - and nowadays we have the coordination tools we need!


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