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Fidel Chiriboga

Ecology and Network

I'm an international, multicultural, transdisciplinary environmental scientist (Ph.D.), biologist, and ecologist by training, and a project coordinator and manager by practice and interest. Passionate about developing and monitoring nature-based approaches to support sustainability, conservation, climate-change mitigation and biodiversity for multiple environmental and societal benefits.

My experience covers topics within conservation, genetics, molecular ecology, tree planting, ecosystem management, restoration, and the interplay with practitioner organizations, value chains and socio-institutional aspects. This includes collaborations and partnership establishments across e.g. academia, enterprises and NGO’s, aiming to provide recommendations and best-pratice basis for industry and policy making.

Interested in identifying, managing, developing, monitoring, and reporting projects that relate to the sustainable use of natural resources, conservation, restoration, regenerative practices, climate-change mitigation, biodiversity protection, and optimization of socio-environmental benefits.

Fidel Chiriboga
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