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Maex Ament

Web3 founder and Investor

Serial FinTech entrepreneur, Markus Ament, or Maex as he is known, has led many companies from early-stage startups to global leaders, loved by thousands worldwide.

Maex is advising a variety of companies, such as HighRadius, the market-leading provider of software for the office of the CFO for companies globally, the German crypto custody startup Finoa and several other enterprise, payment, and fintech players. He currently lives between San Francisco and Madrid.

Previously Maex co-founded Centrifuge with the mission to create an operating system for global commerce, in order to fundamentally change how businesses transact and collaborate.

Maex is the co-founder of Taulia in San Franciso, where he spent 12 years. He has transformed the company from an idea in 2009 to the market-leading Financial Supply Chain company, connecting businesses to create a more efficient and profitable supply chain. With an enviable list of Fortune 500 clients and over 300 employees, Taulia has quickly become the recognized leader in the financial supply chain.

Prior to co-founding Taulia, Maex was a founding member of Ebydos, where he was instrumental in the conception and development of the Invoice Cockpit, which were eventually sold to ReadSoft in 2006. Maex joined ReadSoft as Chief Technology Officer and served on the board of ReadSoft US, as well as ReadSoft’s SAP Labs, driving 70% revenue growth.
Maex began his FinTech career working for SAP, developing and deploying payment and banking solutions in the SAP financials market. Maex also serves as an active angel investor and mentor to various startups.

Maex Ament
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