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Climate Collective

The Climate Collective is a coalition of different players in the web3 space that have committed to place climate action at the core of their thinking. Members include Regen Network, Toucan, ReFi DAO and many others.

Recently, SimplexDNA has received funding through the Climate Collective’s builder grant program. In addition to providing financial and advisory support to tokenization projects, they have also developed the Web3 Climate map which you see in this post's image. It highlights the expanding and deeply interlinked system of crypto climate projects, which the Climate Collective understands and analyses on a profound level. Currently, the collective is working on a dashboard for regenerative assets. This effort is supposed to integrate both financial and ecological analysis - both important aspects in the necessary quantification of natural assets.


SimplexDNA is proud to be part of this ecosystem! You can check out recent developments and how the Climate Collective relates to Celo on the Celo forum.

Where do you think nature-based asset tokenization will stand in five years from now?

Will we succeed in creating reporting and financial systems that take the value of ecosystems into account?


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