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Issue No. 3: Who is SimplexDNA?

Today we introduce our Lab Leader and Chief of Operations:

Dr. Elvira Mächler!

Elvira is a molecular ecologist with extensive know-how in aquatic environments gained during her PhD at the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag). She always wanted to become a taxonomist with the ability to identify species by their morphological features. However, during her master thesis in 2013 she worked for the first time with environmental DNA and was fascinated by the opportunity this novel application brings and immersed herself into molecular methods.

In her research interests, she was always driven by the practical application of her scientific knowledge which led her now to the path of entrepreneurship. At SimplexDNA, Elvira uses her profound experience in field, experimental, and laboratory work to plan and execute projects with customers and partners.

The pursuit of sustainability and social impact are the main drivers for her motivation. She believes that SimplexDNA can contribute to the conservation of the compelling biodiversity which she enjoys much in her free time spent outdoors.


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