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Issue No. 1: Who is SimplexDNA?

Today, let's introduce you to our brilliant CEO and Co-Founder of SimplexDNA:

Prof. Dr. Kristy Deiner!

Kristy is fascinated and humbled by biodiversity and has spent hours, likely years, immersed in lakes and rivers from mountain tops to tropical islands unwinding the tangled banks of life to understand their inter-workings and connections. Discovery, exploration and learning are her key motivators.

She has worked across a spectrum of institutions from museums to universities across the US and Europe as a scientist, professor and always a student. For the last 10 years she has been developing new ways of observing the biodiversity of Earth through the power of sequencing environmental DNA.

She is the inventor of the ‘syringe method’ for sampling eDNA, now used by SimplexDNA all over the world. She also discovered that rivers are conveyor belts of biodiversity information through the transport of eDNA.

She believes in the power of observation and data to inform better decisions and as co-founder of SimplexDNA she is keen to build better biodiversity monitoring systems for our sustainable future.


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