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Issue No. 2: Who is SimplexDNA?

Next up in our series of introductions is our Digital Mastermind and Data Architect:

Luis Wyss!

Luis is excited about the economics of biodiversity and hopes that with the right tools we can reintegrate nature into our economic system. He is a hybrid between a data scientist and a biologist and is using his knowledge to encode biological data into novel digital ecosystems.

His work at the Bank for International Settlements and his experience sampling plankton at the remote east coast of arctic Svalbard allows him to grasp the process of biodiversity quantification and financialisation from sample to asset. Previously, he has analysed transcriptomics datasets in the pharmaceutical industry and has built data management tools for epidemiological data as part of a Stanford-Andorra-CRG collaboration.

Luis is thrilled to work as a Data Architect for SimplexDNA because he is convinced that biodiversity monitoring will play a crucial role in restructuring our economy to be nature positive.


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